Nordic Probabilistic AI School 2020!

After the successful first edition of ProbAI, we are again in full motion to organize this summer school. The main difference introduced in the program is making it more tight-knit in a way that we expect higher convergence between students, topics and speakers. Also, we are working towards having an extra Q&A session in the of the day with a group of teaching assistant that will be prepared to go over the content of the day and help clarify any doubts.


Here the official announcement we release in different open channels online.

** About ProbAI 2020

The mission of the 2nd Nordic Probabilistic AI School (ProbAI) remains unchanged. We aim to serve state-of-the-art expertise in probabilistic machine learning and artificial intelligence to the public, students, academia and industry.
Particularly, our objective is to bring an intermediate to advanced level summer school with a focus on probabilistic machine learning. We cover topics such as probabilistic models, deep generative models, latent variable models, inference with sampling and variational approximations, and probabilistic programming and tools.
ProbAI 2020 is organized by the Norwegian Open AI Lab and hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

** Program
Together with the intentionally small team of invited lecturers, we hope to provide an efficient and quality knowledge transfer through:
– carefully designed curriculum,
– tight cooperation between our lecturers,
– a mix of theoretical lectures and some hands-on tutorials,
– extra time for participants with our teaching assistants at hand
– an innovative lecture room (R2) that allows for a close collaboration between the students and lecturers ( )
– Possibility of being awarded 7.5 ECTS by NTNU (conditioned on being registered for the course in the university system and evaluation and grade of an extra assignment – more information on the website).

** Keynote and Talks:
– Max Welling (University of Amsterdam) — Keynote
– Evrim Acar Ataman (Simula Research Lab) — Tensor Factorizations for Physical, Chemical, and Biological Systems
– Atılım Güneş Baydin (University of Oxford) — Probabilistic Programming, Machine Learning, and Physics
– Keith L. Downing (NTNU) — Bio-Inspired AI
– Mihaela Rosca (DeepMind) — VAEs and GANs

** Lectures:
– Antonio Salmerón (University of Almería) — Probabilistic Modeling
– Arto Klami (University of Helsinki) — Variational Inference and Optimization
– Andrés R. Masegosa (University of Almería) — Probabilistic Programming and Variational Inference
– Thomas Dyhre Nielsen (Aalborg University) — Probabilistic Programming and Variational Inference
– Francisco Ruiz (DeepMind) — Variational Inference with Implicit and Semi-Implicit Distributions
– Didrik Nielsen (Technical University of Denmark) — Normalizing Flows and PixelCNN
– Çağatay Yıldız (Aalto University) — ODE2VAE
… and more to be announced

The registration fee includes all courses, coffee breaks, lunches and banquet.
– Students (including PhD) → 2500 NOK ~ 250 EUR
– Academia → 5000 NOK ~ 500 EUR
– Industry → 10000 NOK ~ 1000 EUR

We can offer only a limited number of scholarships aimed for applicants from developing countries and underrepresented groups.

Visit our website to learn more:


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