Paper accepted at WSDM 2019

Our paper «Time is of the essence: A joint Hierarchical RNN and Point Process model for time and item predictions» has been accepted at 12th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM). Collaborative work with Bjørnar Vassøy, Massimiliano Ruocco and Erlend Aune. WSDM is one of the top conferences in the domain of data mining, information retrieval and machine learning on the Web. This year WSDM had 511 submissions with an acceptance rate of 16%. Soon we will provide a link to the preprint and source-code.

In this paper, we have proposed a joint model with a shared latent representation for a Point Process model (for time prediction) and a Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network (HRNN). By doing so we are able to model a multi-session recommendation problem, together with returning time prediction.

This work was developed as part of the Norwegian Open AI Lab in cooperation with Telenor Research.

Looking forward to visiting Melbourne again in the summer!


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